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MSM has supplied 70 nos. Polyethylene Buoys for the Beaconing of the Senegal River

MSM has been awarded a contract for the Acquisition of Beaconing Equipment, financed by the World Bank. Designed to ensure safe navigation of the first stretch of the Senegal River, 70 nos. polyethylene buoys, model PBM12 were delivered with their corresponding mooring systems.   In addition to the supply of buoys, a 15-day training course […]

by root • 31 August, 2018
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Update of the mooring system simulation software SIMCAD of MSM

SIMCAD is a simulator created by MSM that allows calculating and studying the viability of a mooring system under certain environmental and meteorological conditions. The program also allows issuing reports with the result of the calculations, thus it is a useful management tool for our clients. The mooring system is calculated automatically in accordance with […]

by root • 12 July, 2018


As a new and undeniable proof of continuing to focus on research and development in the field of Aids to Navigation, MSM bets strongly by acquiring new facilities for the company. Currently, at MSM we have a space of about 1,800 square metres distributed in three industrial sites in rental mode. The idea of ​​this […]

by root • 8 February, 2017
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Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas (MSM) in the first Port and Maritime Technical Sessions in Tanger Med Port (Morocco).

MSM participated in the 1st edition of the Port and Maritime Technical Sessions, celebrated in Tanger Med Port from 23rd to 26th May. This Conference gathered the maximum representatives of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, as well as Moroccan and neighboring countries Port Authorities, who have been able to enjoy a selection of […]

by root • 9 June, 2016
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Award from Trinity House Lighthouse Service

MSM receives an Award from Trinity House Lighthouse Service in recognition of his “Exceptionally Effective Service” in relation to the provision of different lighthouse and lightvessel lanterns. Last November 19th, our Managing Director, Ms. Pilar Haro, and our Technical Director, Mr. Ignacio Rodríguez, attended the Trinity House Annual Awards Ceremony in London to receive one […]

by root • 17 January, 2016
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Journal of the Restoration of Cabo Peñas Lighthouse – 2nd phase

One of our prime concerns is the preservation of our historic lighthouse heritage. On this occasion, we have the pleasure and the responsibility of executing the Restoration of Cabo Peñas Lighthouse’s Lanternhouse. The first phase was the task of dismantling and transport of different parts of the lanterhouse. They are actually in our facilities, some […]

by root • 8 October, 2015
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Importance of Tsunami Early Detection

Importance of Tsunami Early Detection   Last 16th of September, a 8.4-magnitude earthquake struck the coast of central Chile, causing a preventive evacuation around the coastline of the country. MSM has developed a complete Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System, with a messages structure compatible and able to be integrated into the NOAA platform. Currently, [...]
by root • 1 October, 2015
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Offshore Wind Energy rises

The supply of the electricity demand of a country through renewable energies is already a reality. On July 9th, Denmark could meet all its electricity needs only with wind power. In fact, the excess energy was exported to Norway, Germany and Sweden. This provess that renewable energies, in particular wind energy, cannot only complement traditional [...]
by root • 10 September, 2015
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MSM performs beaconing of “Lo Passador” Bridge on the Ebro River

Last June, Mediterraneo Señales Marítimas executed the project of both day and night beaconing of the Lo Passador Bridge which connects the villages of Sant Jaume d’Enveja and Deltebre. The bridge has a length of 250 meters and a width of 19.3 meters, so in addition to the buoys located on the river, a marking […]

by root • 17 August, 2015
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New MFR LED Reflector Light

Recently, MSM has introduced the new MFR LED Reflector Light for classical lighthouses, which is a modern Reflector Light, ready to be installed in any classical lighthouse. It incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology and can reach up to 42 nautical miles. The MFR Reflector Light is composed by LED reflector optic panels. It admits 3, 4 […]

by root • 3 August, 2015