Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas has implemented in the Lighthouse of Canet (belonging to the Port Authority of Valencia, Spain), a Protection System against electrical risks produced by lightning and electromagnetic pulses.

The Cabo Canet lighthouse is located in the town of Canet de Berenguer, in the province of Valencia, Spain and was inaugurated in 1904. The lighthouse building is formed by a cylindrical tower of 30 meters high, located at 300 meters from the seashore. These conditions significantly expose the Lighthouse to lightning strikes on thunderstorm days.

This Lighthouse fulfils a vital function as Aid to the Navigation, providing a white light in groups of two flashes in a cycle of 10 seconds. Its nominal night range is of 23 nautical miles. With the implementation of this innovative system of electromagnetic protection, unique and effective for all types of structures on land and sea, it has been possible to solve and prevent the impact of lightning on the Lighthouse, as well as minimise its indirect effects. At MSM, we are committed every second to improve Safety, providing options and solutions to our customers, through Prevention (by avoiding the risk), by Safety (preventing lightning strikes), as well as through Protection (of people and material goods). Because it is not the same to stop a lightning, as to avoid its impact!

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