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MSM completes its offer to the market with the following services:

  • technical advice
  • Beaconing project


MSM has a Consulting Office on Beaconing, specialized in the following areas:

  • Engineering studies on maritime and waterways beaconing.
  • Beaconing project elaboration, including financing study if needed.
  • Custom-made equipment design.
  • Management of turnkey projects.

We firmly believe in the satisfaction of our clients, by proposing them a complete solution to any project that they could raise.

  • installation and supervision
  • Servicios de Supervision
  • Optica4
  • Servicio de Supervision en todo el mundo


In the Aids to Navigation market, further to the supply of equipment, our customers can order the Installation and Commissioning Service of the equipment.

In cases where the client has personnel and means, but wants to ensure a correct installation of the equipment, MSM provides the service of Supervision of installation at site.

Likewise, we specialize in the works of Automation, Renovation and Restoration of classic light houses, both manufacturing and installing new equipment and interface boards for existing equipment, in order to ensure full compatibility between the two systems.

  • training
  • Curso Jornadas 2007
  • Curso Gerona 2012
  • Formacion INOCAR 2012
  • Servicios de Formacion
  • Formación 2015
  • Formación en Mesemar 2015


An attractive section of our customer service is the Training, either as part of the implementation of a specific contractor because the client requests it tous.

In MSM we conduct custom-made Training Programs on multiple subjects; from information on the latest developments in IALA Recommendations and Guidelines, beaconing projects, definition of each type ofaid to navigation and related calculations (luminous range, leading lights, floating aids and moorings, power supply systems, etc.), optical measurements, the evolution of the technology applied in the fields of Optics and Electronics,…, up to Remote Control and Monitoring Systems, AIS systems and VTS Systems.

In order to meet customer needs at all times, MSM organizesTechnical Journeys with active participation of customers, where exchanges of interesting ideas occur for future applications

  • maintenance
  • Ecuador Baliza


Correct and regular maintenance of aids to navigations systems is a key to archieve their long service life. Sometimes, the client entrusts us this service, in order to get an exhaustive status control oft he different Aton stations, with a planned and established frequency, receiving performance briefings with graphic reports.

  • customer service
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The customer service is essential to establish and maintain mutual trust between both parties. Respecting delivery times, rapid response to any request or incidence, careful after-sales service and constant attention are basic elements in our daily work.

Thanks to that, we gain the loyalty of our customers.